1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Reel Paddling Film Festival 2013

SCOUT FAMILY EVENT:     Reel Paddling Film Festival (Hosted by Alberni Outpost)
LOCATION:     VIU Theatre at 7:00 pm (drop-off & pick-up at theatre lobby)
This will be a family event and we will be attending as a group to share the experience together. Here is a link to the website: http://www.reelpaddlingfilmfestival.com

n addition to being a fun event this will be a fundraiser for our group. Alberni Outpost is providing 50% of proceeds to the local Scout Groups and we will be selling tickets. Also our film crew will have an opportunity to promote scouting and their Della Falls Chief Scout Film project. Alberni Outpost has invited us to mount a display in the foyer of the theatre on the evening.
The cost for our Scouts is $6.00. Tickets are for sale for family members and your friends for $12.00 per seat ($15 at the door). The scouts will be given tickets to sell and we will be selling tickets door to door this weekend as part of our bottle drive. We may do other ticket sale drives if needed. Please consider coming as a family to support our scout group.  Purchasing your tickets from the scouts and support our group by helping sell tickets to your friends, neighbours, and at work.
As always please have your scouts log onto SCOUT-TRACKER http://scoutstracker.ca/scouts/view?event=1-287-29854-031332dbdc79b5d6 and sign up for the event. They can pay me at any scout outing before April 4th. I will hold all the scout tickets and we’ll sit together. Family members are invited to sit with us, but will hold there own tickets.