1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Inspiring Change, One Good Turn at a Time

Good Turn Week 2013 is nearing a close and what a week it has been! Over the past weeks Scouts Canada youth from coast to coast to coast have been making a difference by doing good turns for others, Youth Spokespeople have been sharing the Scouting story with television, radio and print media generating hundreds of media hits about Good Turn Week, Facebook and Twitter have been buzzing while people on mass have been sharing their good deeds with us online.

We are still trying to catch our breath from all the excitement, but in the meantime, we have pulled together a couple of highlights from the week to share with you. More to come in the next edition of Scout Scene.

Canada AM – April 2, 2013
Toronto Star – April 8, 2013
CBC Daybreak Alberta – April 14, 2013
CTV Morning Live Atlantic – April 15, 2013
Check out the map of good deeds at Scouts.ca/goodturn. Thank you for making Good Turn Week 2013 a huge success!