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Call for Nominations for Voting Members

Call for Nominations for Voting Members   
To: Cascadia Council Members
From: Andy Ackerman, Deputy Elections Officer
Date: April 25, 2013

Call for Nominations for Voting Members

In accordance with Section 1014 of BP&P, Scouts Canada is seeking to elect the three (3) voting representatives to the Scouts Canada Annual Meeting, from each Council.

For each Council, we are seeking:

• 2 Voting Members at Large
• 1 Youth Voting Member

Council Voting Representatives shall serve in such capacity for a one (1) year period commencing on the date of their election and shall be deemed to be a Voting Member for all purposes of this By-law during their tenure as a Council Voting Representative and are entitled to vote at such annual general meetings or special meetings of Members as shall occur during their tenure.

A Candidate must:

• Be an Ordinary Member and be registered and active within the Council that he or she proposes to represent;

• Be nominated in writing by 5 Ordinary Members who are registered with the same Council as the Candidate;

• Have attained the age of 14 years in the calendar year in which the election is conducted.

The nomination form is available for download on Scouts.ca.

Nominations must be submitted to Andy Ackerman, Deputy Elections Officer (via e-mail) andy@myriadconsulting.ca no later than noon, Thursday, May 23. The subject line should include name of nominee and name of Council (Cascadia Council)