1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



May Bulletin

What's been happening

It's been a busy few weeks with the Neck Point Scouting Group, as the weather has improved each section has been busy with regular meetings, group activities and camps. There are a few brief articles below recapping some of the highlights and more on the website.

Wild Dogs take the Golden Axe

Neck Point Scout troop attended the CIA Challenge Camp at Camp Caillet on 26 April. The camp was a weekend of fun with troops from all over the Cascadia region. We were camping and undertaking scouting challenges with youth from as far away as Powell River and Courtenay. The weekend was focused on Scouting Basics, with challenges that included:

  • First Aid,
  • Semaphore and Signalling
  • Maps and Compass Work
  • Knots
  • Fire Lighting
  • Stoves and Lanterns
  • Shelters
  • Saw, Axe and Knife Work

The patrols were mixed with youth from the region working together, helping our youth forge new friendships and learning from eachother through the activities. The troop patrols then competed over the course of the weekend for the much coveted Golden Axe Trophy. We are please to announce the Wild Dogs as this years champions, beating all other patrols to gain first place. The Challenge Camp weekend was much more than a competition, it was for all of our youth to meet other troops, build on their skills and enjoy all that scouting has to offer. We have had many emails from parents and youth saying how much they enjoyed the weekend. Our thanks to Scouter Ryan Rango for organising the weekend event and to all the Leaders who helped to make it such a success. More Photos available on the website.

Swimup 2013

The annual swimup meet was held on April 11th at Camp Caillet. Swimup is where the Beavers move on to cubs, the 3rd year cubs up to Scouts, and Scouts up to Venturers. This is a formal occassion where all sections meet and the youth transition through their age group into the next level of the Scouting Program. Several cubs received a plaque for completing all of their badgework so congratulations to them for achieving so much and to their parents for their support and encouragment. The Neck Point Scouting Group continues to grow and we are still one of the largest groups on Vancouver Island.

Congratulations to Dan Franckom an Nick Gueulette on achieving their Cheif Scout Award. The Chief Scout Award is a recognition of achievement in several categories during the scout level of the program. The categories include citizenship, leadership, personal development and outdoor skills. Both Nick and Dan completed the program and were awarded their Chief Scout Award during the swimup ceremony this year. Our congratulations to both scouts for all their efforts and achievement.

Parent/Guardian Contacts

We have had several occasions where parents or guardians of our youth have changed their contact details and have missed information relating to meetings and/or activities. To help manage this, we have initiated a web management console that all youth contacts can manage and maintain. If you have a new email address or wish to be notified of event changes or meeting notices by email or SMS text message, you can do so by registering at neckpointscouts.ca/youth-contact-record. By updating your contact details through this page, we will maintain an up-to-date list of contact information for each youth parent/caregiver. You are able to change and update this record as often as you wish and will receive login details to do so once registered. You can stop notifications at any time by removing your email address(es) or cell number(s) at any time.

Lost and Found

Wow! Scouter Andy has quite the collection of lost articles. Please visit the website page at neckpointscouts.ca/lost-and-found if you are missing anything or just to check what is there!

Let us know what you think!

We've been running a poll on our website for a while now, asking the question "What's the best thing about the Neck Point Scouting Group" and we've had 120 responses. The results are:

  • Going to Camp - 92%
  • Meetings with other beavers, cubs and scouts - 2%
  • Badgework - 1%
  • Outdoor Activities - 3%
  • Campfire and Skits - 1%
  • Fundraising - 0%
  • Learning New Things - 1%
  • Achieving something new - 1%

We're asking a new question this month in an effort to find out more about what the youth like to do. If you want to see this month's Poll, visit the Neck Point Scouting Group home page and cast your vote.

2013 Vancouver Island Summer Camp - Camp Woodlands

The 2013 Vancouver Island Summer Camp is open for registration. The camp is held at the end of July at Camp Woodlands on the shores of Lake Cowichan. For more information, please visit the blog page. Ryan Chapman-Coombs put together a short video-blog of the 2012 camp which is available on the video gallery page.

Scouts Canada new Chief Scout

Terry Grant, Chief Scout CanadaYou may know Terry Grant as the original Mantracker from his long-running show on the Outdoor Life Network. As of today, you will also get to know him as our Chief Scout. He's eager to start serving as a Scouting spokesperson, working with us to inspire Canada's young people and adults to join and remain involved in the Scouting Movement. Read More >