1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



February Bulletin

Welcome to the February Bulletin for the Neck Point Scouting Group. The sections have been really busy over the last few weeks and we have lots more to share with our Scouting youth and their families. There are some important dates coming up, so check into Scouts Tracker and the Neck Point Scouting website for more information.

Celebrating the Birthday of Robert Baden Powell

The birthday celebration for Robert Baden Powell, founder of the Scouting Movement will be held on February 21st from 6 - 8 pm at the Nanaimo Scout Hut. Each section is encouraged to bring food and of course, their mess kits with a cup/mug. There will be some presentations by the different sections including videos from the Scouts trip to deCourcy Island last summer and a preview to the Della Falls trip. To find out what to bring, click here.

Cubs trip to Denman Island

The Cubs had a blast at Denman! From learning how to light a fire, build a space station, film lego skits, and learn about Mexico we sure did have a variety of fun camp activities. All were enthusiatic and engaged, especially when it came to sledding on the final day, I don't think any Cub came home dry! The Cubs also started to build and paint their Kub Kars, an annual event all groups participate in across our Area. We certainly will have some creative entries this year, from race cars to dogs to tanks to whales, we have seen it all.  - Hathi

Venturers Photo Galleries and Trip Blog

The venturer section has uploaded a couple of new photo galleries to the website, with some fantastic photos of their trips to Elfin Lakes (cross country skiing), Scuba Diving and the Galloping Goose Trail Bike Ride. These galleries show the fantastic activities that the Venturer group do throughout the year and the fun they have - definitely worth looking at in the photo galleries. Thanks to Scouter Will for uploading the text and images!

Voted for your favourite thing yet?

We've got an online poll for the youth to vote on what they like best about our Scouting program. Enter your vote and tell us what you like best about your Scouting experience. Once you vote you can see the results so far. Click here to vote in the youth poll.

A bit about the web

Did you know, the Neck Point Scouting Group website gets an average of 150 new visitors every month? Not just in Canada either, but with people looking at our site from the USA and the UK too!