1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Cubs take over Camp Caillet

The cub pack and tenderpads took over Camp Caillet this weekend for a weekend of fun and games and two nights in tents.  This was the first opportunity for the new cubs (tenderpads) to camp with the cubs and join the cubs in their activities.  The weekend was one of the hottest this year, with great weather and plenty of fun for everyone!

On Friday evening, there were lots of games and the cubs took part in several games planned and managed by the 1st Neck Point Scout patrol leaders.  These included Missions Impossible and Capture the flag, boith games a huge hit with the cubs who enjoyed trying to grab the flashlight from the scouts, evenm though there were grumblings that the scouts were puppy sitting the flashlight so they didn't lose! :)

After a chilly night under canvas, the cubs had a huge breakfast of fruit, hash browns, bacon and McAkela Muffins!  Akela cooked up a brilliant breakfast and the cubs all polished it away in short order.  The morning commenced with more games, some free time and more activit

Getting food for the deer was a popular game

ies planned by the scouts.  With lots of team games, the cubs ran around lots, getting 'food for the deer'. The cubs were invited to the scout camp to see how a camp should be organized and the scouts made a great show of setting up their camp with everything properly laid out and organized.  It was pretty impressive, Nick did a great job of showing the cubs around, thanks Nick!


After lunch the cubs had some free time and played several games, took advatage of the rope swing, built trebuchets for various blocks of wood and discovered a great tree for climbing! Mor organized activities followed including another visit to the Scout camp, where the scouts showed us how to do a square lashing. The cubs dutifully followed the technique and somewhere along the line, Scouter Andy was tied up and thrown in the creek... A good example of how the knots could be useful I guess!


Dinner was another huge meal from "Akela's Kitchen", with turkey pasta, caesar salad, fresh veggies and more fruit.  Once everyone was seriously full up, it was time to practice skits and prepare for the evening campfire. We managed to get in a few games of sock wrestling, with some of the smaller cubs showing great moves and literally dancing rings around the older cubs!  The scouts joined in and one or two were beaten by the cubs who really got into the game!


Both cubs and scouts had skits prepared and an evening of song, skits and fun was in stock for all.  Akela had 'magic ash' from a hundred year old fire and managed to light the campfire without even using a match!  The cubs were mystified and it was all great fun.  With some fantastic songs, and various skits performed in front of the fire, there was just time for one more game of mission impossible before Smores and bed!

The cubs, who had been up since 5am were exhausted, several were wandering around like zombies by the end of the night, and within minutes of going to their tentes were snoring merrily!

Akela's Magic Fire


Sunday morning was bright and clear again, and not a sound came from the cub camp until after 7.30am!  The cubs arrived for breakfast bleary-eyed and ready for more food, which Akela managed to exceed all expectations with a feast of homemade pancakes, fresh fruit and sausages that even managed to atract the attention of the scout leaders from across the creek (strange how the smell of freshly cooked sausages will bring out scout leaders...)


The morning continued with a breakdown of camp, packing away the tents and for many of the cubs having their first experience of working out who's clothes were who's!


After a few more games, and a camp cleanup, it was almost time for lunch.  It seemed like we ate and ate this weekend, the food never stopped coming and there were many full stomachs!  Akela made homemade pizza with fresh veggies and fruit which was eagerly devoured by all.


The scouts were working on their Scouts One, and Nick led a session on Trust, with the whole cub pack taking part.  The three new tenderpads, Casey, Troy and Ellie were all invested and are now officially cubs, having moved from beavers, so welcome to you all.


The weekend wrapped up in the searing midday heat with a game of water tag, using water bomb balls and a setout court to take on the opposing teams.  With parents joining in as they arrived it was great fun and a welcome respite from the heat.


The weekend was a fantastic experience for all the cubs, the scouts did really well, helping organize games, set up tents and generally entertain the cubs.  They were good fun being targets for the cubs water bombs and were great sports throughout the weekend, thanks Scouts!


The next cub camp is on the second weekend in June, the cubs are all eager and we need to spend a bit of time looking at 'packing light' for a few of them!


We have uploaded a few photos of the weekend, which can be seen here.