1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



Swim Up/Walk Up Meeting 24 April, 2012

Just a quick reminder that Scouts will start at 6:30 PM this evening at Camp Caillet. It is our annual Swim-up/Walk-up for youth moving between the sections. Each youth is asked to bring a mug (parents can bring one too) for hot chocolate and a few cookies or a small treat (healthy is good as well) to share with everyone. Please ensure that your youth does have their uniform on this evening as a few have been arriving recently without this. The youth are also allowed to bring their slingshots this evening but are reminded about the presence of much younger youth so any inappropriate use of these items will see them confiscated immediately. There will be a controlled area that they will be allowed to use them in.


Attached is the kit list that Jason has been working on and this list is basic and will change for certain camps but gives you an idea of what is required. We will have several different backpacks for you to look at tonight at the meeting. The youth do not need a backpack for this weekend as the camp will be at Caillet but from this point on a backpack will be essential. At Quennell Lake Jason also talked about pack weights and for the trips coming up after Challenge Camp youth must arrive with a pack weighing NO MORE THAN 16lbs. This will then allow group weight to be added as required with the youth also being aware of their own personal body weight so that we can distribute loads appropriately.


Finally, after the swim-up ceremony this evening we would like give you a quick tour of the ScoutsTracker software that all of you have access to for tracking the progress of your youths badge work and events. We will do this in the small Scout Hut once you have obtained a hot chocolate and a cookie. This system was new to us this year but it is something that the leaders will be using more for the remainder of this year and going into next year the whole year will probably be planned out on it so it is important for everyone to know how to use it.


See you all this evening, Paul