1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



2012 Annual Kub Kar Rally

Troops from the Neck Point Scouting region came together to take part in the 2012 Kub Kare Rally held at the COuntry Club Mall in Nanaimo.  The rally was an overnight camping experience in the mall and where teams of cubs competed for the coveted Kub Kar trophy.

Kub Kars were made by individual cubs from the various troops, and were raced using high-tech racetrack and monitoring computers that were operated by the 1st Neck Point Scouts, who were hosts for the event.

After vigorous checking and weighing-in of the individual cars, cubs raced against eachother throughout the night to find the 2012 Kub Kar winners.

The camp was a great success, with cubs sleeping overnight in the mall, and eating an evening meal of pizza and breakfast of cereal and fruit.

Kub Kars presented for racing at the 2012 Kub Kar Rally, Nanaimo