1st Neck Point Scouting Group, Nanaimo



1st Neck Point Scouts canoe training on Quesnel Lake, Nanaimo

In preparation for the forthcoming summer camp, a number of 1st Neck Point scouts and troop leaders took part in a canoe training day at Quesnel Lake, south Nanaimo.  The day was a great success, with good weather and even a spot of sunshine poking through the clouds!

The troop practiced their paddling techniques and spent some time learning about the different strokes, including the J stroke, sweep strokes and sculling.  Even with a light wind the scounts managed to control their canoes and paddle extremely well, impressing the leaders and taking a giant step towards their paddling badge.

The scouts cooked up lunch in their patrols and then in the afternoon we spent some time looking at the kit list for the summer trip, weight ratios and how to economize on the amount of equipment to keep the canoes light in the water.

Preparing to get on the water